A Vision for the Future of Marin Healthcare

The new Marin General Hospital will serve as the center for quality healthcare in Marin. In order to realize that vision, we began by establishing guiding principles to inspire and inform every decision regarding the plan, design, construction and implementation of our new facility. We envision our new hospital as all this, and more:

  • A welcoming, patient focused healing environment
  • A safe, innovative structure that can accommodate changing technology and growing patient needs
  • An eco-friendly facility that helps sustain our valuable natural resources and extraordinary locale
  • An efficiently designed workplace that allows our employees to perform at their peak in a friendly working environment
  • A landmark in Marin that reflects the style, quality and standards of its people and surroundings

New Hospital Overview Video

The Heart of a Healthcare Network

Our new building will be the heart of a leading-edge healthcare destination with a humanistic healing environment, tailored to the needs of our patients and their caregivers. The building will feature larger operating rooms and an Emergency Department with increased diagnostic and treatment capabilities, more efficient service, and shorter wait times. Patients will have greater access to private rooms. The new, green, cutting-edge facilities and serene healing environment will result in a more pleasant patient experience, shorter stays, and ultimately, better outcomes. We envision Marin’s state-of-the-art new hospital as the hub of an integrated network of medical care professionals in Marin County. The network will consist of existing and future partnerships, linked through the latest technology. This state-of-the-art approach to medicine will attract the very best physicians and healthcare practitioners and enable Marin General to provide a seamless healthcare experience for all of the people of Marin.